Építészeti koncepció - d72
Architecture concept

We thought of a concept that would not just create a dozen apartments, but a new standard in the real estate market. We have established a new basis for luxury, both in terms of location and design. Our aim was to exceed the highest expectations.


In the over-stressed urban environment, it is particularly important to protect our privacy and be close to nature: it is the only way to live a balanced, safe life. Thanks to its unique location and outstanding features, these seven villa apartments are sold by pre-registration and only available to a limited number of people -


this is what gives them their true exclusivity.


Protecting privacy and maintaining intimacy has been a key design principle, while creating stunning, iconic living spaces in luxury homes with a sense of eternal elegance. Fully customisable interiors and outstanding technical features set up a harmonious home of undisturbed peace and tranquillity in a natural setting, in a location and with exceptional amenities that are now available to very few.