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Designer background

STOA Architectural Ltd. and Master Architec Studio Ltd.

Architecture for life and contemporary design

Mr. Bálint Ásztai

owner, managing director,
architect, architectural designer

Mr. István Mester

owner, managing director,
architect, architectural designer

Looking back on our almost 20 years of design history, we can consider ourselves very fortunate to have been involved in the design of a truly diverse range of projects. In addition to sophisticated residential, hotel and community buildings, we have also been involved in urban architecture. We apply the analytical approach to design that comes from urban planning to architectural design: we carry out in-depth analyses of even the smallest projects, looking at ideal siting, massing and other aspects. In addition to contemporary architectural trends (e.g. SAOTA), the work of architects who have stood the test of time (such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Marcell Breuer) also serves as a model for residential design. We continuously incorporate the experience and vision gained from a wide range of design tasks into the creative work of newer tasks, creating clean, lasting, innovative buildings. Our commitment and love for architecture constantly drives us to create buildings that people love to live, work and relax in, while at the same time being sustainable and in harmony with nature and the environment.
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