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Este’r Partners

Radnóczy Eszter

Vezető -Tervező

The success of este'r partners is based on structure, creativity, an international approach and reliability.

We take the gifts and needs and develop ideas and memorable concepts that ensure the success of projects and a strong identity of our own. Our international portfolio includes a wide range of architectural and interior design work. The design work is managed, supervised and controlled by our qualified and experienced project architects selected for each project. In addition to the design process, we also place great emphasis on providing advice and design supervision during the implementation phase of each project. This helps to ensure quality workmanship and on-time delivery, as well as keeping project schedules and costs under control.

Our offices in Szentendre and Milan have built up an extensive network of international contacts in recent years, and moreover we have personal and often friendly relations with manufacturers. We don't know the impossible: there is no special material that we can't find, but if the product you have in mind is not available, we will design it and, together with our partners, manufacture it individually for the specific project. In 2022 we opened our new showroom in Budapest next to the Opera, called „Estorio – home of designer brands.